Year of Silence

We are currently in our Year of Silence, which began February 1st, 2014. A Year of Silence is one year during which the outer doors of the school close and no new students are accepted. Classes and events continue within the school, and teachers focus on training existing students to their next levels instead of taking on new probationers. Tentatively, enrollment for a new probationer class will begin in January of 2015.

Enrollment has Ended

We have ended enrollment for the February 2014 Probationer Class. If you applied, you will receive an email within the next couple weeks telling you whether you were accepted or declined and how to proceed.

Enrollment January 5th!

Click the Application button on the left to apply for the February Probationer Class. Be sure to read the application carefully so there are no errors or misunderstandings.

Probationer Enrollment Opens

The next probationer class will open for enrollment on Sunday, January 5th, 2014, with classes beginning in mid to late January! Check back regularly for updates.

Acceptance Emails

Whether you were accepted or not you should have received an email from us. If you didn’t check the spam folder of your email and if you cannot find it send us an email at